The manifold interacting processes in a power plant can be made transparent by simulations. Prior to an investment decision for a plant optimization or refurbishment in line with a scheduled shut-down, the resulting effects on the system can be evaluated. Heat and power engineering establishes models of thermodynamic cycles and simulates fluid dynamics.

Simulations seem appropriate where measurements are expensive, time consuming, or not feasible due to inaccessibility. Measured flow rate values can frequently be out of the confidence range of the respective measurement device. Turbulent flows or transient states result in further data imponderabilities. In case of major modifications of the power station, it is not possible to technically anticipate the future conditions for data acquisition.

Complex systems can be analyzed with the help of flow or cycle process models and represented by the usual thermodynamic parameters. Operational effects can be simulated by variation of

Process simulation EBSILON

the entry parameters close to their range limits, which could cause (safety) problems in the actual start-up process and operation.

Heat and power engineering uses the software EBSILON professional for the process analysis. Air and flue gas flows, pneumatic fuel conveying as well as burners and steam cycles can be simulated with partly self-developed models using Ebscript.

In case of planned modifications of the air supply or integration of additional installations in air/flue gas process lines, changes of the pressure regime can be forecasted. In combination with system characteristics (blower characteristic, pressure coefficient for burners etc.), the system modelling provides conclusions on economic feasibility of the venture.

flow simulation Ansys FLUENT

Pressure losses due to installations can be frequently reduced by design improvements. CFD software like Ansys FLUENT acilitates the hydraulic optimization. Different alternatives can thus be developed and integrated into the process simulation for evaluation.