Air Flow Measurements

In combustion plants, the knowledge of the respective amounts of air and flue gas is of particular importance, because the air flow has direct effects on the combustion and thus on the parameter emission, corrosion and remaining carbon. Modern large combustion plants have up to 100 different individual ventilations, which are mostly to be controlled depending on the load. The prerequisite for optimal plant operation is therefore a trustworthy determination and an precise adjustment of the respective air volumes.


Vane Anemometer

heat and power engineering has flow measurement technology for a wide range of applications. We measure gas flow rates in a speed range of 0.2 – 80 m / s up to a temperature of 500 ° C.
From the measurement results, we derive measures, for example for the optimization of air dampers or for optimizing the air load guidance.



Process Simulation EBSILON


In order to make transparent the manifold interacting processes in a power plant and to be able to estimate the effects of system changes in advance, we use the means of simulation. We create (cycle) process simulation with the help of the software platform EBSILON professional.

For fluid flow simulations we co-operate with competent partners.